Currency Museum

The Central Bank of the Gambia introduced a new series of upgraded currency notes for the D5, D10, D25, D50 and D100 denominations in July 1996.

The upgraded banknotes have the same sizes, watermark and generally the same colours and appearance of those used at present.

The main difference between the new series of upgraded banknotes and those currently in circulation is that each denomination bears a new unique hand-engraved portrait, in place of that of the former Head of State. In order to represent all Gambian citizens, the D5 note bears the portrait of a young Gambian girl, the D10 a young Gambian boy, the D25 a Gambian man and the D50 a Gambian woman.

In order to ensure that our currency remains secure against the technological advances, additional counterfeit deterrents have been incorporated in to the upgraded banknotes using the latest technology. Existing counterfeit deterrents will also be continued.

           1 Butut Front          1 Butut Back

          5 Bututs Front          5 Bututs Back

           10 Bututs Front        10 Bututs Back

           25 Bututs Front        25 Bututs back

           50 Bututs Front        50 Bututs Back

           1 Dalasi Front         1 Dalasi Back